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Meeting/Info Notice(s): Updated 01-05-24

MPO Coordinating Committee Mtg. March 12, 2024 at 10:30am.

The March 12, 2024 MPO Coordinating Committee meeting will be held at 10:30am virtually via GotoMeeting and in person. Those wishing to attend can join the meeting from a computer, tablet or smartphone at: or join in using a phone by dialing +1 (872) 240-3412 entering in the access code 721-015-909

Please be aware that there may be phone charges if calling into the meeting.  Check with you phone company to see if charges apply.

SVATS MPO Coordinating Committee Meeting
Tuesday December 12, 2023 -10:30am (Hybrid Meeting)

December Meeting Agenda Packet 

Mercer County Transportation Planning

Mercer County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

The SVATS MPO is a federally mandated organization responsible for transportation related issues in Mercer County. Professional staff members of the Mercer County Regional Planning Commission run the daily business of the MPO. The SVATS MPO currently consists of 25 members.

The SVATS MPO is made up of two committees the Coordinating and the Technical. The Coordinating committee is responsible for insuring the maintenance of planning eligibility for state and federal grants and the maintenance of both the LRP and TIP. The Coordinating Committee is made up of twenty-five voting members (including 2 from PENN DOT), Farrell, Hermitage, Sharon, Clark, Grove City, West Middlesex, Sharpsville, Findley, Liberty, Pine, Shenango, South Pymatuning, Springfield, Wilmington, Wolf Creek, Greenville, Jefferson, Hempfield, Mercer, Pymatuning, Mercer County and the Mercer County Regional Council of Governments.

The Technical committee has the duty to study and report on technical aspects as directed by the Coordinating Committee and to initiate studies and recommendations on technical aspects in pursuance of the objectives of the UPWP. The Technical Committee is made up of twelve voting members; PENN DOT (2), Farrell, Hermitage, Sharon, Greenville, Grove City, Sharpsville, Township Association, Mercer County Regional Planning Commission (2) and the Mercer County Regional Council of Governments.

The MPO deals in all modes of transportation, one key mode being transit. The SVATS MPO works closely with the major transit providers for the County. The two major providers are the Shenango Valley Shuttle Service (SVSS) and Mercer County Community Transit (MCCT). The SVSS runs several routes providing fixed route service to the Shenango Valley. The MCCT provides on demand service to all areas of Mercer County.

Coordinating / Technical Committee Members

The Coordinating Committee is comprised of twenty-four voting members as listed below:

City of Farrell

Findley Township

Springfield Township

City of Hermitage

Hempfield Township

Wilmington Township

City of Sharon

Jefferson Township

Wolf Creek Township

Borough of Clark

Liberty Township

Mercer County

Borough of Greenville

Pine Township

Mercer County Regional COG

Borough of Grove City

Pymatuning Township

PennDOT District 1-0

Borough of Mercer

Shenango Township

PennDOT Central Office

Borough of Sharpsville

S. Pymatuning Township


Borough of W. Middlesex


The Technical Committee is currently comprised of the following twelve members (note that some have two votes):

City of Farrell

Mercer County Regional COG

Townships Association (2)

City of Hermitage

PennDOT District 1-0

Boroughs Association (2)

City of Sharon

PennDOT Central Office

MCRPC/County (2)

Bylaws and Plans


Metropolitan Planning Organization Meetings

Notice is hereby given that the Coordinating Committee of the Shenango Valley Area Transportation Study (SVATS) will hold regular meetings for the year 2024 on the following days:  Tuesday, March 12th; Tuesday, June 25th; Tuesday, September 10th; and Tuesday, December 10th.  All meetings begin at 10:30 a.m. and will be held in the conference room (with virtual attendance option) of the Mercer County Regional Planning Commission, 2491 Highland Road, Hermitage, PA.

The Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is responsible for the planning and programming of all transportation projects that receive federal funding within Mercer County.  Participation by the public is encouraged.

The SVATS MPO is committed to compliance with the nondiscrimination requirements of applicable civil rights statutes, executive orders, regulations and policies.  The meeting location is accessible to persons with disabilities.  When advance notification of one week prior to each particular meeting is given, accommodations may be provided for those with special needs related to language, sight or hearing.  If you have a request for a special need, wish to file a complaint or desire additional information, please contact Brian Barnhizer, Senior Planner, MCRPC at 724-981-2412 or

2024 Meetings

  • March 12, 2024
  • June 25, 2024
  • September 10, 2024
  • December 10, 2024