Municipal Zoning Ordinances

What is Zoning?

Zoning can regulate the use of land; size, height, bulk, erection, removal and use of structures; areas and dimensions of lots, yards, open spaces & separation distances between structures; density of population and intensity of use; and protection of natural resources and agricultural land.

The purpose of zoning is to:

  1. To promote health, safety, morals and general welfare;
  2. To promote coordinated, orderly, harmonious and practical community development;
  3. To discourage the intermixture of incompatible land uses and, where such intermixture may be beneficial or where zoning district boundaries present transitions between incompatible uses, to control impacts of incompatible uses;
  4. To lessen congestion and promote public safety and convenience on roads and highways;
  5. To secure safety from fire, disaster, panic, pollution hazards and other dangers;
  6. To provide adequate light and air;
  7. To prevent the overcrowding of land;
  8. To avoid undue congestion of population;
  9. To facilitate the adequate provision of housing, commercial and industrial development, transportation, water, sewer, schools, parks and other public requirements;
  10. To establish reasonable standards to which buildings and development shall conform;
  11. To protect and enhance the value of land.

Below is a list of municipalities in Mercer County that have locally adopted Zoning ordinances.  Presently, 30 out of 48 (63%) municipalities in Mercer County have zoning.


Zoning PDF Map

Municipalities in Mercer County WITH locally adopted Zoning Ordinances

The following ordinances, and links are to be used as reference material only.  The MCRPC recommends that individuals contact the local Zoning Officer for specific zoning questions.