Mercer County Affordable Housing Fund

PA Act 137

The act allows the governing body of each county to increase the fees charged for recording deeds and mortgages (by no more than 100%), said new revenue to be used for affordable housing efforts in the county.

Affordable housing effort – A program or project which increases the availability of quality housing, sales or rental, to county residents with income below the county median.

Click here to view Act 137 (.pdf file)

The program is optional.  Well over half of Pennsylvania’s counties have opted to create an affordable housing fund.

Mercer County Fund

Mercer County created an Act 137 affordable housing fund by ordinance on June 28, 2001. The fund was created in response to the following findings:

  • Mercer County has affordable housing needs:  new homes & rental housing for families & seniors, specialized housing, shelters, and housing rehab.

  • Municipalities and organizations involved in housing expressed interest in the trust fund and beneficial projects that could result.

Mercer County Regional Planning Commission is designated to administer the fund using a workable program that includes:

  • Annual applications for financial assistance from the trust fund,

  • Objective review & ranking by the Mercer County Affordable Housing Fund Board, then

  • Project selection by the County Commissioners.

For more information about the fund contact the Mercer County Regional Planning Commission, 2491 Highland Road, Hermitage, PA, 16148, 724-981-2412,

Mercer County Affordable Housing Fund Program Guidelines (.pdf file)


Mercer County Affordable Housing Fund Board By-Laws

Mercer County Affordable Housing Fund Board By-Laws (.pdf file)