Mercer County Regional Planning Commission, Hermitage, Pennsylvania


Zoning & Subdivision Review Committee

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday – June 22, 2004 – 7:30 p.m. at the MCRPC Offices
2491 Highland Road – Hermitage, PA (724) 981-2412


  • Samuel Scott, Chairman

  • James Rollinson 

  • Fred Brenner 

  • Burroughs Price

  • Clifford McCandless

  • Ron Faull

  • Larry McAdams

  • Andrew Dash, Planner - MCRPC

  • Jerry Johnson, Mercer Borough

  • Bob Giebner, Zoning Officer - Mercer Borough

Mr. Sam Scott, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. A quorum was present. Mr. Scott noted that the Minutes of the May 25, 2004 meeting were mailed prior to tonight’s meeting and there being no additions, corrections, or deletions, the Minutes stand approved as mailed.


1. Text Amendment – Mercer Borough – Mr. Dash explained that Mercer Borough is proposing to add Bed and Breakfasts as a permitted use in the C-1 Commercial Town Center Zoning District. The amendment was proposed by a private landowner who wishes to run a Bed and Breakfast out of her home at 116 West Market Street (US 62), which is in a C-1 District. Currently, Hotels and Motels and Eating and Drinking Establishments are permitted uses in the C-1 District, but Bed and Breakfasts are not. He noted that out of the four existing Bed and Breakfasts located in the Borough, two are currently located in the C-1 Commercial Town Center Zoning District: The Mehard Manor at 146 North Pitt Street and The McGoffin Inn at 129 South Pitt Street.

In discussion, Mr. Giebner stated that he has no problem in making a Bed and Breakfast a permitted use in the C-1 District. As far as he was concerned, it was a permitted use regardless because it fits with Hotels and Motels. The only problem with this request is that the proposed private landowner cannot meet the parking requirements according to Borough code. She would need 3 ½ parking spaces according to the Borough code, and she only has room for 2 spaces. Also, the Borough code requires that if you use a commercial building, the residents have to live above the commercial floor, which the private landowner was advised. Committee members felt that allowing Bed and Breakfasts in the C-1 Commercial Town Center District was not an issue, but the proposed private landowner would still need to meet the other conditions within that District.

After discussion, a motion was made by Mr. Price and seconded by Mr. Faull to approve adding Bed and Breakfasts as a permitted use in the C-1 Commercial Town Center Zoning District. The motion passed.

2. Text Amendment – Hermitage City – Mr. Dash explained that the City of Hermitage is proposing to amend Section 308.13, Personal & Professional Offices, Medical & Dental Clinics by adding a sentence: "Access drives and vehicular circulation shall be planned to minimize traffic impacts on residential neighborhoods to the greatest extent possible." The reason for this amendment would be to permit Personal & Professional Offices, Medical & Dental Clinics as a Special Exception in the R-3 and R-4 districts. The City felt that this amendment would direct their Zoning Hearing Board when they would be considering a Special Exception. There was some general discussion about Zoning Hearing Boards. Mr. McCandless questioned if there was a particular problem that led the City to this amendment. It was noted that no one knows. The Committee felt that this text amendment was not unreasonable, but it could be open to interpretation.

After discussion, a motion was made by Dr. Brenner and seconded by Mr. McAdams to approve the proposed text amendment to amend Section 308.13. The motion passed.

3. Other Business – Mr. Dash noted that about a month ago we received a preliminary plan for The Villas at Grove City and things have been moving slowly with their engineers. When we receive enough pertinent information, this item would then be reviewed by this Committee.


There being no further business to conduct, the meeting adjourned at 7:47 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Andrew Dash,


Mercer County Regional Planning Commission
2491 Highland Road, Hermitage, PA 16148


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